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Joel Lund   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Boise State:  ID
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Are you a business professional struggling to do more, in less time, with increasingly better results?

Since 1999, Joel Lund, has guided professionals just like you to achieve results that have eluded them. He helps them discover a new path, leading to greater productivity, balance and success. Joel brings an intuitive and trench-tested ability to perceive what’s been getting in the way, and simple, realistic steps for breaking through them.

You’ll immediately value Joel’s comfortable approach. Plus, the strategic, innovative and dynamic tools he utilizes to help business professionals and leaders (in both entrepreneurial and corporate enterprises) find their path.

His qualifications come from a truly unique, award-winning business background in leading teams, entrepreneurs, executives and other professionals. He is a BOSI certified partner, as well as a certified executive coach through CCF (Certified Coaches Federation).

Service Description

• Get unstuck, now.
• Do more in less time.
• Quickly improve your results.
• Expand your competencies.
• Reclaim your vision & engage your dreams.
• Regain (or gain) balance in your life.
• Get creative again.
• Overcome barriers.
• Reduce the gaps.


When he'd reached a breakthrough, I asked Bob, “In a word or two, how would you describe me as a coach?” He blurted out, "Pathfinder!" Bob had been a very frustrated, very highly-pedigreed professional for 40+ years. And he'd been very stuck. In working together, he was able to quickly break loose from a problematic and non-productive pattern. He'd re-engaged his life and business. And he was thrilled about it.

A great coaching relationship is like any great relationship: it's built on mutual trust and respect, which only comes from good listening. Sure, there are nifty tools that can help...and you are probably experienced a few. Think profiles, assessments, personality tests.

An experienced coach will do more listening than talking. And they'll have a process for getting you unstuck, for breaking through.

Make the time. Make the call. Now.



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