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Danielle Siegel, CPCC, ACC   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  San Francisco State:  CA
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 I created Leap4th Coaching in 2012 for leaders and teams that want to go from Ordinary to Outstanding because I am passionate about working with people who are here to have a major impact in their workplace. I coach motivated, goal oriented clients who are pro-active about achieving a purposeful life and career. My clients are seeking personal and professional growth, a challenge, passion, and new opportunities for themselves.

Through coaching, my clients overcome barriers and navigate their life and careers from a new perspective. They deepen their process of identifying their values and purpose, and then they are able to make decisions based on these. They are able to identify their internal critic who is paralyzing them and causing them to not experience their opportunities to the fullest. They develop self awareness and self management allowing them to interact with others from a place of empathy and curiosity. 

I am able to offer my clients the opportunity to participate in the 360Reach survey which helps them to understand their strengths, weaknesses and personal attributes from the perspectives of people (personal and professional) in their lives. With this information, they can identify areas of growth as well as develop goals to build on their strengths. For those clients who want to build, nurture and communicate their personal brand, which can help them to stand out amongst colleagues and competitors, I am able to work with them through the structured personal branding process.

I am also certified through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence®  which allows me the opportunity to coach my clients on Social and Emotional Intelligence. I begin with an assessment of S+EI skills. I use the Social + Emotional Intelligence Profile® which gives myself and my clients insights into my clients strengths and potential development needs.

Through my system of coaching, accountability and support, my clients feel more focused, able to manage what is in front of them, and more committed to taking action. They become more confident, make decisions based on what's important to them, and they learn not be controlled by their negative self talk.

For more information, please visit my website:

Service Description

  One to one sessions: One to one sessions are 30 or 45 minutes to allow for flexibility with busy schedules.  They range from two to four times per month and are done by phone, FaceTime or Skype. For clients in the San Francisco Bay Area, sessions can be in person.

Workshops/Trainings: Workshops or trainings at your place of employment or in the community focused on Social and Emotional Intelligence, Team Building, Noticing the Negative Self Talk that Keeps You Stuck, and others upon request.

Personal Branding Coaching Package: A 12 session coaching package focused on helping you develop your personal brand. It includes the 360Reach Survey, one-on-one coaching, video tutorials and a workbook.


 My work is the culmination of decades of commitment to cultivating healthy teams, work environments and a work force that is capable of overcoming anything.  I believe that through the development of trust, relationships, direct communication and shared goals, teams can thrive. My training and experience working closely with people have allowed me to develop sharp listening skills. I am often able to hear “the unsaid” synthesizing massive information to get to the core of the issue. 

I earned my MSW from Tulane University. I am also a Certified Co-Active Coach, 360Reach Certified Analyst and Personal Brand Strategist and a Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach. Working as a LCSW, I had the opportunity to facilitate group and team processes and supervise the professional development of staff. I use my clinical, managerial and coaching skills to help my clients move from Ordinary to Outstanding in their roles as leaders or developing leaders. 

It has been said that I am “infectiously positive and someone people love to be around”. In my work I exude my values of connecting with and helping others, believing in people’s ability to change and grow, and inspiring action through fun and playfulness. I am someone you can count on and trust, knowing that I will tell you the whole truth in service of your goals.

After living in MI, CT and New Orleans, I now call San Francisco home with my husband and teenage son. As a family, we enjoy the urban life, the outdoors, and traveling. I am embracing challenge and failure by learning aerial dance with fabric.



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