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Consulting Coaching Therapy
Chart from Harvard Business Review showing the relationship between consulting, therapy and the coaching process.

How a business related computer tutor can help you:

Individuals seeking to improve their computer skills so they can be more efficient and more comfortable with business software programs should engage the help of a computer tutor. A tutor with experience with software systems can provide guidance to help you update your skills very quickly. At, we have have many tutors with knowledge in a host of software systems, including, Access, Excel, Word, Powerpoint, etc...

Your Computer Business tutor will do the following:

  • Help you improve your overall skills with software systems by helping you fill-in the gaps in your knowledge area
  • Provide a better understanding of the fundamentals that you may not be familiar with
  • Help you improve your grades in class by providing specialized lessons geared toward your area of challenge
  • Provide homework help if applicable to ensure you fully understand the subject and software tools
  • If taking a class, help you get ready for projects
  • Provide a system of accountability and help you be more responsible when it comes to homework and preparing for tests and quizzes
  • If taking a class, work with you on time management issues so your class assignments and homeworks can be completed on time
  • Help you build your confidence level and work with you to be more comfortable when using software systems

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