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Posted by: cccn sup
Date: 8 / 14 / 2017

  How to Make Money Online as an English Tutor


According to Babbel, the world's most studied language? And it’s spoken by about 20% of the world. Given that the English language is one of the most prominent languages in the world, it’s no surprise that more and more people are trying to learn the language. If you’re adept at the English language, you can tap into this need to make money online.

Now, you should know that it doesn’t always take an English certificate or degree to teach the English language. A lot of foreign language speakers around the world are looking to learn the English language for basic communication. They often willing to pay a personal English tutor to get them started. You can start offering tutoring services online to these people and make some money on the side.

When it comes to how much you can make online as an English tutor, the possibilities are endless! However, if you’re looking to turn tutoring into a massive online income source, you should know that a few steps are required to get started on the right foot. So in this article, we’ll be sharing some great tips to help you get started on setting up a money making English tutoring service online.

Let’s get started!

Set up your Office

Not a brick and mortar office! As a prospective English tutor, one of the first steps to take is to set up your office. This office could be a professional website or just a web address where people can come to see your portfolio and profile. Getting a professional website might prove too expensive but the good news is that you can register on sites like CoachconnecXion, set up your tutor profile and start looking for English tutor jobs online and referring clients to your webpage.

Set Your Rates

Since you’re looking to make money online as an English tutor, you’re definitely not going to be offering your English tutoring services for free! Setting up your rates can get very confusing really fast. You might be confused as to whether your rates are too high or too low. The best way to find the perfect rates for your English tutoring services is by research on industry standards. Find out how much tutors with your level of experience are charging online. If you’re offering your services to learners in other countries, you have to put into consideration how your rates translate in their currency. Whatever the case aim for a rate that is fair for you and your prospective customers.


Millions of people around the world might be interested in learning the English language, but they wouldn’t automatically find you because you’re an English tutor. After setting up your tutor profile and page on CoachconnecXion or any other website, the next thing is to let people know about your services. It’s the digital age and with just a few bucks, you can reach millions of prospective customers around the world. You can start by word of mouth advertising if you don’t have money for online advertising but otherwise, spend some money of social media or search engine advertising. You’ll be surprised how fast you’ll get booked when you advertise.

Becoming an English tutor can be very satisfying financially and otherwise. Using these great tips will help you get started easily on offering English tutoring services online. 

CoachconnecXion has made it easy for you to start offering tutoring services in any field.  We help you set up your tutoring business with great ease. Get in touch with us to discuss needs.

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Posted by: cccn sup
Date: 8 / 2 / 2017

  7 Tips for Finding the Best Tutoring Services for Your Children


Is your child currently lagging behind in one subject? Or are you looking to ensure that they stay ahead in class? Paying for tutoring services is one of the best ways to support your child’s academic work. However, finding the best tutoring services for your child can easily go from an easy task to a very hard one considering the sheer number of tutoring services online. This is exactly why we’ve decided to share some great tips to help you find the best tutor for your child.

Let’s dive in!

1.     Compare Needs and Budget

When searching for a tutor for your child, one of the first things to do is to compare your needs and budgets. First, what is your geographical location? Are you looking for tutors in Chicago? Aurora? Naperville? Spelling out your location will help you restrict your searches to these areas. It would also save you the cost of having to hire tutors from very distant locations. Another thing to clearly spell out is your needs; do you want a Math tutor for one hour each day? Or an English tutor for two hours? Stating all these will help you draw up a realistic budget for whatever tutoring services you need.

2.     Research

There are two major ways to search for tutors for your child; online and offline.  You can search offline by getting in touch with schools and local organisations. However, if you’re too busy to search offline, you should know that it’s the digital age and finding tutors has never been so easy! Parents who are busy often turn to the internet to find tutoring services online. Using the internet, you can find an overwhelming number of suitable home tutors for your child. In fact, it’s easy to get confused when searching for tutors online; this is why the next tip will prove very helpful.

3.     Make a List of Prospective Tutors

Like we said, it’s easy to get confused when searching for tutors virtually. There are several websites like CoachconnecXion where you can find suitable tutors for your child. Since there are so many options online, it’s advised that you make a list of prospective tutors based on the needs and budget you mapped out earlier. Be advised that while looking for tutors online, it’s best you go with trusted organisations to help verify the identity and records of prospective tutors. Making a list of prospective tutors saves you lots of time and helps you focus on the most viable leads.

4.     Research Tutor’s Background

One of the major concerns of parents who hire a home tutor for their child is safety. They want to be sure that they can entrust their children to the tutor even for a second! One way to calm your nerves is to go on a little Sherlock Holmes adventure. Carry out in-depth research on the background of prospective tutors to make sure that their claims check out. Take time to read reviews from people who have used their services in the past. While researching the tutor’s background, you should also look out for their certifications and experience level.  If you’re looking for a Math tutor, you may want to find out if a tutor has any relevant certifications to teach Math.

5.     Find out Tutor’s Availability

After you’ve researched on prospective tutors and found the one  most suitable for your child. The next step is to check for the tutor’s availability. If you made a list of tutors as earlier advised, you’ll find this very beneficial because your ‘dream’ tutor might not be available to tutor your child. So instead of starting all over again, you cross their name off and move to option B. When finding out the tutor’s availability, be sure to share with them the timetable for tutoring your child. This way, you can settle any time related concerns before ever hiring.

6.     Speak with Tutor About your Child’s needs

If you’re going to find the best home tutor for your child, then you have to treat your child’s learning needs as top priority. Tell the prospective home tutor exactly what your child’s needs are. Let them know if they’re going to be tutoring your child short term for a Math test or exam or if it’s a long term arrangement. You can also share any peculiar learning needs your child has like dyslexia or ADHD. You can also share school reports and current performance. This will help both you and the tutor choose the best approach to giving your child the best tutoring service.

7.     Ask for references

Another good tip for finding the best tutor for your child is asking for references. Sometimes, the best way to know exactly what you’re paying for is hearing from people who have used the same services. Asking for references either from the tutor or family and friends will probably reveal the tutor’s attitude to his/her job. This would also help you avert any possible risk of leaving your child with an adult. This is why it’s best to go with professional tutoring organizations like CoachconnecXion to find the best tutor for your child.

Tutoring is an effective way to help your child become better at specific subject and their academic work in general. Asides improving your child’s grades, home tutoring can help improve their life prospects and give them the confidence to take on issues. These tips are invaluable for any parent that wants to find the best tutoring services for their child.

CoachconnecXion has made it easy for you to find tutors in any field.  We will help you find a tutor to help you or your child with a variety of subjects. Our tutors work with a wide range of ages, from elementary school students through college students, so get in touch with us to discuss your tutoring needs.

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Posted by: cccn sup
Date: 2 / 4 / 2016

  How to Find the Best English Tutor for Your kids?


How to Find the Best English Tutor for Your kids?

My child stumbles when reading or writing English. He has difficulty putting together simple sentences. His verb and sentence structures don’t make any sense. His overall grades are declining due to his bad grade in English class.

If you are among such frustrated parents, hiring a professional English tutor for your child maybe the best way to move forward. Finding the right tutor is involved and takes time. To help you out, we have divided the whole process into four simple steps to get you started with your tutor search.

Know what you want from the tutor

Ask yourself:

·         What is the kind of help you need? Is it just a minor assistance for homework completion or an intensive remediation that you are looking for?


·         What do you want the tutor to work on? Visualize the key areas you want the tutor to assist your child in. Are you demanding better grades or a higher level of confidence in your child?

·         What is your child’s learning style? Does he learn better by listening, reading, playing games or through exploring? Who does he feel more comfortable working with? A man or a woman?

2. Know your options

·         To begin with, browse through the local newspapers. All good English tutors  have their ads placed with their credentials and qualifications.

·         Ask  your friends and colleagues for references. Going with a trusted option will give you more confidence in the tutor.

·         Cost is probably the most determining factor when it comes to finding good tutors. It isn’t wrong that you want the best for your child, but whether you can afford it is the question.

3. Test your options

·         When choosing an English tutor ,  make sure to look for credentials. Feel free to ask the tutor as many questions as you can, concerning your child’s needs. If all your questions are answered satisfactorily and you feel comfortable with the tutor, then you have found your kid the perfect tutoring match.

·       Ask for their educational background and their qualification in English. If the tutor is teaching English to your child, he must at least have a minor degree in it from a decent college.

·       Ask them of their experience in the English tutoring industry. Look for tutors who have prior experience with the same grade as your child’s.

·        Assess your own child’s needs. How much tutoring does he require? How will you rate him on his ability to learn English? How well is his reading, pronunciation and sentence structure? Is he doing good or just average in school?

·         Ask the candidates regarding their tutoring method and the hours they usually prefer?

·         Lastly, ask them for any references they can provide to verify their experience and past record.

4. Collaborate for results

·        The last step is to analyze your child’s progress while he is being tutored. Better see how your child relates to the tutor. Is he comfortable and expressive with the tutor? Sit through the initial sessions to see for yourself. The investment you are making in your child’s life must show some progress and success. If it isn’t, maybe you need to hire another tutor.


·       Talk to your child about the tutor. Look for any improvement in grades after you have hired the tutor. If you don’t see any noticeable improvement in grades, it is time to move on to another one

·       Finding a good tutor involves significant efforts on your part. Your child’s success depends on it especially if English isn’t his first language. As a parent, it is your primary duty to avail your child with the best resources possible.

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Posted by: cccn sup
Date: 2 / 12 / 2016

  6 Easy Tips to spark your child’s interest in science


6 Easy Tips to spark your child’s interest in science!