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Sherry Robertson   
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Our Coaching philosophy, tools, instruments and leadership development techniques open the door for increased performance, productivity, accountability, profitability and long-term sustainability. Cornerstone’s personal approach brings a shift in corporate culture that increases productivity by changing it from command and control to collaboration, creativity and accountability. Leadership agility is strengthened, communication is enhanced, listening is fine-tuned and the overall organization becomes more effective.

Certified by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council, Cornerstone Consulting Group is a WBE with 15 years experience in providing executives and leadership teams with practical and measurable learning experiences that are implementable, executable and sustainable.

Companies that use or have used professional coaching for business reasons have a median return on investment of seven times their initial investment. With greater demands and fewer resources, some businesses are now asking themselves whether they can afford not to employ coaching. 

“This Leadership Development initiative is the best process for creating a functional, dynamic, focused, and energized senior management team I have experienced since graduate school. The major plus to this current process is the opportunity to apply the elements of effective leadership and teamwork in real-time” – Dr. Orrin Camp, PhD, Blood Systems 


Long-term growth and sustained results of every organization linked to the effectiveness of its leaders. Through
Building the Foundation for Success, leaders create cultural beliefs and values-based environment where people perform to their full potential and maximize their contributions to the organization.

Service Description

Why work with an Executive Coach

Coaches are not just for athletes. Everyone benefits from the guidance and expertise of a coach.

  • A coach will be there to observe, support and identify ways to improve performance.
  • A coach provides an ongoing supportive and challenging relationship that brings out your best.
  • A coach gives you an edge; driving your development to new levels – from being great to being a champion.
  • Coaching is one of the most effective organizational learning processes available. It is central to maximizing the potential of human beings and it dynamically accelerates adult learning.
  • Coaching is an interactive process where the coach provides a powerful role model by supporting, encouraging and challenging the candidate.
  • Coaching is leadership in action. It means exploring the strengths and development needs of people and helping them to maximize their abilities. It is about listening, communicating and role modeling.
  • Coaching is action oriented; it requires a pioneer spirit that inspires others to achieve. Coaching is interpersonal and empathetic.



Sherry Robertson

President, Chief Talent Strategist

Sherry Robertson, President of Cornerstone Consulting Group (CCG) is an inspirational executive coach to a variety of CEOs, board members, presidents, executives and their staff. Sherry develops and delivers leadership programs for numerous high-potential executives and leadership teams. Sherry possesses vast subject matter expertise in the areas of improving organizational effectiveness, building a foundation for success, human capital strategy, high potential leadership/team development, large-scale culture change management and increasing growth through a combination of innovation and executive coaching.

Prior to founding CCG, Sherry served as President and concurrent board member for OAO Technology Solutions headquartered in Greenbelt, Maryland.  No stranger to high-level leadership responsibility, Ms. Robertson has served organizations in the roles of: CEO, President, Vice President, Executive Coach, Keynote Speaker, Consultant, Talent Strategist and Trusted Advisor; culminating in nearly 29 years of valuable experience across numerous industries. Clients include IBM, Blood Systems, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Raytheon, BioCare, American Express, United Blood Services, Hypercom, Motorola, Ryobi, Foundation for Blind Children, Creative Testing Solutions, Ashton Tiffany and a Fortune 50 financial institution.

Sherry is a Certified Professional Coach, member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), Master Human Capital Strategist (MHCS) and is an Adjunct Senior Faculty Member of the Human Capital Institute. Other designations include: Certified Professional Behavioral Analyst, Certified Professional Emotional Quotient (Emotional Intelligence) Analyst and Meyers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Certified Practitioner, FIRO-B Certified Practitioner and EQ-i 2.0 Certified.



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