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Successful Life Coaching   
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City:  Oakdale State:  NY
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Katrina Greene LMSW holds a Bachelor's in Psychology and Master's in Social Work specializing in Vocational consulting. She has completed over 1,000 hours of post Master's course work/CEUS in Coaching. She is a results oriented coach, a former member of NYU faculty. In a NYU program, she trained staff of 200 Social Workers for 66,000 children and their families.

She was recommended by a Nassau County Mayor, and a member of former President Clinton's cabinet. She has received three ATAS certificates honoring her contribution to two Emmy Award winning tv shows, attending the Emmy Awards in 1994.

In her former work, she was a Management Consultant. As a Career Coach, Business Coach and Life Coach for over 20 years, she helps clients with efficiency, organization, work/life balance, relationships, as well as generating greater income and time management.

The life coaching process determines what a person needs to remove negative circumstances and transform problems and challenges to create the life they want. We evaluate the simplest way to practice positive and rewarding thoughts, beliefs and outcomes. New systems and habits quickly replace old, ones that don't work.

Sabotage and self-defeating actions are looked at and a way to gently minimize or remove these are planned. New rewarding, forward moving steps are made in a non-threatening way. We keep what works in your life and remove, rebuild or recreate what is not working. In this way, you end up reinvented, a new, better you with a lifestyle you can enjoy and appreciate.

Clients report creating miraculous, breakthrough results in this process. They create achievements at the pinnacle of success in their fields. Doors open previously closed to them. Relationships enhance and communication increases. Fears lessen as hope, change and improvements are noted and built upon. Finances increase. A person chooses joy and abundance over past failures. Life and career get better each day until one's dream life and work is attained.

Service Description

Katrina Greene M.S.W. is a Licensed Master of Social Work/Business Consultant/Coach who has been helping individuals and businesses fulfill their dreams with life coaching since 1987. Katrina is a life coach, business coach, career coach, relationship coach, and executive coach with over 20 years of Life Coaching experience. Katrina Green can help to:

  • Improve your Career and Income / Grow Your Business
  • Enhance Relationships - Attract Your Soul Mate
  • Improve Parent-Child RelationshipsWindow of Opportunity
  • Better Your Health and Get In Shape
  • Be Happier and Create Inner Peace
  • Organize Your Life
  • Manage Stress


 The mission of a life coach is to help individuals, couples and families of all ages realize their potential and goals, achieving them by following a clearly defined plan of action. In this way clients create a healthy, balanced, successful life, career, and/or business. For many years Katrina has done life coaching to assist others in creating meaningful change in their lives, transformation of their current circumstances and awareness of how to manage these areas of life.

Publicity, Articles and Awards


  • Katrina Greene, MSW, has been interviewed by Frank Perino on the cable television show "Innersight" on April 12, 2004 regarding coaching and its value in assisting people to accomplish their personal and business goals. Below is a flyer describing this event.
  • Appeared on cable television show The Galactic Center, 2001.
  • Appeared on cable television show Future 2000, 2000.
  • Acknowledgement by A.T.A.S. (Emmy Awards) for her contributions to two Emmy-award winning shows.

Radio shows:

  • Aware, Interview with Katrina Greene, 2005
  • WUSB 90.1 FM Stony Brook. Katrina Greene, MSW will also be featured on WUSB Radio Station in the future.
  • B105 Interview, 2003
  • Blog Talk Radio Health Recovery Interview 2010
  • Angels and Answers Internet Radio Interview regarding Business Revenue and Prosperity 2013
  • Angels and Answers Internet Radio Interview regarding Career and Life Goals Attainment 2013


  • Katrina Greene, MSW, has written a short story published in author Alice Rosin's book Knowledge from the Source.



  • Long Island Singles Expo, Marriott, Islandia, New York, 2009
  • New Life Expo, New York, New York, 2008
  • Jazzercise, Commack, New York, 2007
  • Whole Life Expo, New York, New York, 2005
  • Bohemia Runner's Club, Bohemia, New York, 2003
  • New York College of Health Professionals, Syosset, New York, 2000-2002

Community Service/Volunteer Work

1997 to Present. P/T Volunteer to help homeless, displaced /temporarily displaced and distressed community members, out of area referrals and local people. Donating services, time, resource, referral and agency lists and searches. Locating temporary and permanent shelter. Finding or providing food, meals, snacks and goods. For those with sudden changes in circumstances, the infirm, and the elderly. For those economically and otherwise challenged. 

Katrina Greene, MSW volunteers many hours each week advising individuals and groups in the community. These have included:

  • InnerSight, an organization which assists the blind, Long Island.
  • NYPIRG, a volunteer disarmament program, New York City.
  • Peer Counseling, Hunter College, New York City.
  • Jewish Guild for the Blind, New York City.
  • Bellevue Hospital Activities Unit, New York City.
  • Project Dorot, New York City.

She has also volunteered periodically at Landmark Education since 1975.

  • Over 20 years Life Coaching Experience
  • Licensed Master of Social Work/Psychotherapist
  • Former NYU Faculty Member
  • Received Multiple Honors from A.T.A.S. (Emmy Awards)




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Life Coaching Package -- Price: 100.0


 Includes free initial 40 minute consultation and one life coaching package.


 Free initial 40 minute consultation to determine life goals, problems with relationships, finances, organization skills, wellness,  career, and whatever else is needs to be addressed. Life coaching package includes 50 minute session, going over forms, resource and referral information as needed, periodic newsletter, confirmation email, session preparation time and going over homework assignments.  All coaching done via telephone. Coaching can be done anywhere in the USA and internationally.

Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Business Coaching Package -- Price: 125.0


Includes free initial 40 minute consultation to determine what you business needs and one business and life coaching package. All coaching done via telephone. Coaching can be done anywhere in the USA and internationally.



 Free consultation consists of assessing business weaknesses and strengths, determining needs, opportunities and threats to the business and ways to improve business income, efficiency and growth. Business and life coaching package includes 50 min session going over forms, resource and referral information as needed, periodic newsletter, confirmation email, session preparation time and going over homework assignments. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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