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Walking Your Path LLC   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Phoenix State:  AZ
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 Hello, my name is Luke Eidenschink, certified coach and owner of Walking Your Path LLC. I am a graduate of Coach Training Alliance's certified coach training course, and a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


Service Description

  A sense of being stuck, lack of motivation or passion in life, depression - these feelings are very painful and very real. As a life coach, I specialize in working with clients who are seeking help with overcoming this frustration and pain, and creating the amazing and positive life that they deserve.

 In my Walking Your Path program, I will guide you in a holistic approach to moving forward. We will work together to assess all areas of your life, and choose manageable goals to shift you to where you want to be.

 My message to you is very simple and clear: you can change your life, and you can overcome the sadness and pain. If you are ready to change, then I am ready to help you.

* My program is not treatment for clinical depression - it is designed to be an additional and complimentary service to medical treatment. Always seek the advice of a medical professional for symptoms of depression.


 In my life, I have dealt with depression on a very intimate level. My experience gives me perspective and understanding of the experience of depression. As a coach, I have logged over 200 hours working with clients, many of whom have struggled with depression and/or feelings of being stuck in life.

My secondary area of expertise is working with creative people, helping them to build their talents to their greatest potential. As an artist myself, I understand what it is like to have that creative drive, and the need to fulfill that drive. Many of my clients tend to be highly creative and incredibly talented individuals.



School/Organization Degree/certificate Concentrations Graduation Date
Coach Training Alliance
Life Coaching


Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Eighteen Coaching Sessions -- Price: 1980.0


 This package is for the client who desires to develop new and more positive thought patterns and make a serious commitment to shift their life a new direction.


 This package is for a total of eighteen coaching sessions, each session is one hour in length. This package is generally a six-month program.

Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Nine Coaching Sessions -- Price: 1080.0


 This package is designed for a client who wants to make definite changes quickly.


 This package consists of nine coaching sessions, each session is one hour in length. You, the client, have the choice to schedule the sessions at intervals that best fit your lifestyle. Generally, this is a three month package. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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