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Leonard Lang, Ph.D.   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Minneapolis State:  MN
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Ready to break out? To get creative? Forget those career tests and put my proven 4-step program to work for you.

If you're ready to be creative and go through a proven process, I can help you define exactly what you'd really love to do--what meets with your passions, values, and the impact you'd like to have. 

I work with people who are feeling stuck or dreading work or who just want a more rewarding job or career new and personal ways to find work that they'll love. 

Instead of looking for work, you'll learn how to create the career and job you most want. It takes a bit more work than replying to standard job postings, but my clients tell me it's well worth the reward (check out all the review on Google for my coaching practice, Beard Avenue).

If you've taken career assessment tests, you've probably found them interesting but not very helpful and ultimately not tailored to you. So I won't waste your time and money on more of them.

If you've gone the traditional route for finding a career and work, you probably focused on matching your skills and experience to careers and job postings. If that's working for you, great! But if you still haven't found what work feels meaningful, fulfilling and rewarding or still think you have to fit into some job slot instead of creating the job situation you want--then you might want to talk with me. This approach isn't for everyone--but when there's a good match, amazing things happen. 

Service Description

 I offer a full range of career services from deciding what career will excite you to job interview and job search coaching. Here's the list:
  • Career Change
  • Career Enhancement
  • Career Strategies
  • Action Plan 
  • Branding--taking your authentic interests and skills and presenting them so that employers understand how useful you'd be working for them.
  • Branding and storytelling are part of Job Search and Job Interview coaching
  • Resume coaching 


 I've been doing this work for 17 years and helped PhDs to high school grads, people returning to the workforce after raising a family to people wanting to start their own business, landscape architects to project managers. I've written a book about my unique 4 step process, Guide to Lifework: Working with Integrity and Heart. Please check out my Beard Avenue website or the many Google reviews of my work.

I have developed extensive skills in creative problem solving, motivation, listening, storytelling/branding, and helping people detect and overcome limiting assumptions.




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Job Interview Coaching--3 one-hour sessions -- Price: 475.0


Job interviews give many jobseekers a case of nerves, and even the most experienced often go about it the most stressful and least useful way possible. But there's a better way.

Every part of your job search should work together with the same strong story about you and your value to an employer.  Learn the secrets to creating that powerful, authentic story and really connecting with your interviewer instead of just giving stale answers. Know your personal brand.

The creative storytelling approach I can teach and coach you in will make it much faster and more fun to prepare for and do the interview. Instead of answering questions, you'll be presenting your best "brand" by really connecting with your interviewers. Once you're in the door based on your networking or resume, this kind of personal connection is the key to standing out from other candidates with similar qualifications.

You'll learn how to tell effective stories for this purpose as well as how to set up and wrap up your stories and how they can promote your brand. 



 3 one-hour coaching and job interview training sessions (in person or by Skype/Phone).

Sessions will cover
  • Review of your resume and networking practices
  • Determining your strengths
  • Coming up with your brand to showcase your strengths
  • Developing additional stories
  • Learning good questions to ask interviewers
  • Mock interview practice and review


Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Get Unstuck Starter Pack--2 Phone Sessions -- Price: 155.0


Get a clear sense of what's holding you back, and find new ways to look at and deal with the obstacles. 


 This package consists of 2 half hour phone conversations to determine the 2-3 things that are holding you back from doing what you'd most like to do in your career, whether those are purely mental/thinking obstacles (such as thinking no one will believe I can do this) or external obstacles (such as, to become a doctor I need to go into big debt). Then, together we find new ways to get beyond the obstacles or work through them to get you unstuck. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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