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Yoga & Life Coaching    
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  kansas city State:  MO
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 I am a Life/Spiritual Coach, helping others achieve their goals of change
I am a Reverend and provide Spiritual Services of forgiveness and perform wedding and or life 

Service Description

 I teach Yoga, Meditation, the Blood Type Diet, Gluten Free diet plan. 
I use my skills:  NLP (neuro-linguistic programming),  Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy, 
Yoga of the Heart,  Deep Relaxation Guided Meditations to promote healing 


 I use my skills to access the root cause of your challenge,  when/where did you adopt that limiting belief
in your past (childhood) and heal the feelings associated with the challenge and grow you up to present day
YOU.   After we do the work to bring you up to date we seal the work accomplished together and create a 
script for the hypnotherapy session to seal the new and positive changes implementing the action steps.




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Loving Yourself -- Price: 325.0


 We discover your limiting beliefs that you may or 
may not be aware of and create a new positive 
belief that works for you today.  A four week course
implementing breakthroughs and learning to love 
yourself as a great thing not as being selfish!
The more you give to yourself allows more of the 
gift that you are to give to others.



We go back to your past and heal the old program
I have many tools to share with you concerning 
your triggers,  we create a new program and implement the change for at a week at a time.  
Our work together creates action steps that can be 
easily weaved into your schedule.  We seal our 
work with hypnosis every week to keep you 
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