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M Keveles   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Superior State:  WI
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 I coach people with diverse career issues: they may be under-employed, in a job that’s not a good fit, bored with their jobs, unsure of their life purpose, aware there’s more for them, but are not taking steps to pursue their dreams.They may be stuck and need help from a highly trained, experienced, objective partner to help them get out of their stall.

I have 16 years of professional coaching experience on top of more than 15 years of career management service, including working for and starting pioneer organizations in the field of human capital management. Additionally, I have been an entrepreneur for 16 years and have consulted with individuals and organizations large and small, in profit and non-profit. I’ve worked with people at all levels, in all age groups, seeking greater career satisfaction, success and compensation.

My clients like my unique 7 point program to achieve their career goals.They enjoy working with a seasoned professional who provides creative, out-of-the-box ways to deliver a tailor-made approach to their specific circumstances.They get the undivided dedication of someone able to see patterns others miss, skilled at brainstorming solutions, able to provide resources and see the glass is full and the sky is the limit!

My background includes authoring two career books: Fired for Success: How to Turn Losing Your Job into the Opportunity of a Lifetime! (Co-authored with Judith Dubin) and Scrappy Startups: How 15 Ordinary Women Turned Their Unique Ideas into Profitable Businesses. For 9 years I have been on the faculty of one of the oldest and most admired professional coaching schools, CTI (The Coaches Training Institute). I have achieved the highest professional status conferred by the professional association for coaches, the International Coach Federation, MCC, Master Certified Coach. I have an MA and BA in English/Education and taught 5 years in Europe.

Let's get together to see if we're a good fit. Contact me for a free session!

Service Description

 I work with clients world-wide via phone and Skype.  My approach is through my 7 step model which encompasses clarity of vision, exploration of obstacles and strategies for overcoming them, identification of support structures and a clear strategy for achieving career satisfaction through either working for an organization or taking an entrepreneurial route.

I help people get clear about who they are and what they want through an exploration of their past successes and then collaborate with them to create communication that allows them to share their new focus with appropriate individuals and organizations.

For those who find assessments useful, I can guide them to various ones I have found helpful.

I also can help people develop effective cover letters and resumes when applicable.

Life issues do affect career exploration - and I am versed in helping people navigate those issues.

Each individual I work with gets a program that is tailored to their needs that we design together.


 In addition to being a Master Certified Coach, the highest designation from the International Coach Federation, I also have a Masters degree in English with a concentration in Education.  Having authored several books, I have strong writing and communication skills.

I am also truly resourceful and clients find my resource reach useful.

The strengths finder identifies me as being able to generate plentiful ideas, which becomes useful when helping people find satisfying career directions they might not have considered.

I am skilled in EFT and have some experience with NLP as well as being trained in Byron Katies' "The Work."

I have lived abroad for nearly five years and am able to work effectively with people from a broad spectrum of cultural backgrounds.




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Monthly Coaching -- Price: 450.0


 This is a 3 session a month coaching schedule - 3 weeks of 45-60 minute coaching sessions with unlimited email exchange.



 Includes welcome package questions to help you identify your focus for our coaching.

When appropriate, I will also share books that I have authored that could provide a structure for our coaching.

This monthly coaching can be renewed as needed.

Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Bi-Monthly Coaching -- Price: 300.0


 This is an every other week coaching schedule.  Each session is 45-60 minutes long.

Two sessions per month.



 This coaching includes a welcome packet with questions designed to clarify what you want and expect from coaching.

Clients can renew month to month.

Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Initial Coaching Session -- Price: 60.0


 The purpose of this 30 minute phone or Skype session is to see if we are compatible and if my coaching services are a good fit to your needs.


 This is an opportunity for you to get a sense of how I coach and whether we could have a successful coaching relationship.

There is no obligation beyond this session if we are not compatible.

If we are compatible, we could discuss my other coaching packages to see what suits your need and your budget. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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