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Chris St. Clair, CPCC   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Austin State:  TX
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 Transitional periods can be both disorienting and disheartening. In a sense, they are moments of limbo, that can trap us somewhere between self-doubt and over analysis. That's where we come in.


St. Clair Coaching is devoted to working with individuals who are experiencing conflict or stress from a significant life transition. Based out of Austin, TX, we specialize primarily in divorce/co-parenting and career coaching, in order to provide you with a holistic approach to rebuilding one step at a time.


St. Clair Coaching believes that helping people see their full potential and build real-world, executable plans to realize that potential is the most productive path forward.


St. Clair Coaching also provides business consulting in the form of productivity enhancement services including sales productivity assessment and tool creation, business process creation and optimization, business tool selection, integration, and implementation, as well as staff and leadership coaching. Our philosophy is that success is found when people, process, and tools work in harmony.

Service Description

 Career Coaching
- Client Defined Schedule
Transition Coaching
- Client Defined Schedule
- Single Mom Transformation Program (SMTP TM) - 100-Day group offering
- Single Dad Transformation Program (SDTP TM) - 100-Day group offering 
- Divorce Transformation Coaching Program (DTCP TM) - 100-Day 1 to 1 coaching
Coaching Certification
- Certification to become a Divorce Coach - (DTCP TM) - 100-Day Certification


 With 25 years of high-tech business experience (IBM, Amdahl, PeopleSoft, Polycom, personal Consulting business), I have a passion for helping people live to their full potential and realize their dreams! I’m a fervent client advocate with a unique assertive yet gentle style. I’ve had experience and global success in sales, marketing, operations and multi-channel distribution. These skills allow me to effectively mentor and coach at all levels of the organization. I’ve been told that I have…”an amazing ability to help one dig deep inside their hearts and mind to realize the potential they truly have”, and that my life experiences and business savvy provide me with “invaluable skills…”  I received my BA in Political Science from UCLA and my coaching certification from CTI trained and certified as a CPCC.




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