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Eva Dwight   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Mesa State:  AZ
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My job as a life coach is to help clients reach their potential.   I have a BA in secondary education, a MEd in Counseling, and I am an Associate Certified Coach, as well as a certified Positive Discipline educator.  Twenty-nine years in education--as a teacher and school counselor--led me to the realization that the greatest impact I can have on the world is to inspire people to see themselves as who they CAN BE, not just who they ARE.

My mission is to be a catalyst for positive change as I work with clients to discover the power they have within themselves to become who they aspire to be.  I use activities and questioning strategies to help them determine their current strengths and greatest area of need, and then support and encourage them through the change process.

Service Description

Parents:  My goal is to help you experience more joyful parenting!  We work as a team to figure out what's motivating your children's challenging behaviors, develop strategies for managing that challenge in the moment, and then follow that up with proactive ways to "head it off at the pass" in the future.  Setting kids up for success, going beyond consequences to problem solving, and buildng family relationships based on kindness and firmness, are all keys to making families "work."  When your family works, you can go about your work with a stronger sense of balance.  You'll feel capable of juggling all of those balls that parents have up in the air, and you'll feel confident of your ability to raise children who are respectful, responsible, and resilient!

Teen Clients:  I use a combination of self-management skills curriculum and individualized activities to help you develop greater self-confidence in your ability to manage challenges you may be facing, including
--peer pressure
--academic performance
--family relationships
You will grow your internal locus of control, and your increased awareness of personal power will help you take on life's challenges with greater optimism and greater expectations for success.

Adult Life Coaching clients:  I am your non-judgmental ally who will help you work toward using your strengths and personal power to deepen your level of satisfaction with life. I focus your attention on what it is you really want and assist you in breaking down major life goals into manageable steps, so that you move almost seamlessly from "desire" to "action."


I am an educator, an inspirer, a listener, a collaborator, a see-er of the goodness in everyone.
I am a big-picture dreamer, who helps clients envision where they want to go and who they want to be.
I am the detail-guy who breaks down those dreams and visions into manageable steps that take the client toward the vision.




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Scheduling and Rates -- Price: 60.0


 I charge a flat rate of $60/hour.  All potential clients receive a free consultation, up to an hour long, to give them the opportunity to determine possible coaching goals and make a decision about whether to work with me.  I coach by phone or in person (in Mesa, AZ).  Clients can pay for each appointment separately or for several appointments in advance.


Clients can pay by cash, check, credit card or Paypal.  Paypal can be accessed on my website at
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