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Rahti Gorfien PCC, ACCG, CSS   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  New York City State:  NY
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 I coach internationally via phone, Skype, and Facetime.  I am also known as 'The Cafe Coach' and see people in person at a location in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  Interim email and phone support is available between sessions.

Service Description

As an Artist Coach, I can help you pinpoint your challenges and help you develop the tools needed to prevail as an artist in any medium! 

As a Life Coach, my methodology has produced powerful results for those seeking to address creative, personal or professional challenges, and lifestyle issues such as time management and physical well-being . 

As an ADHD Coach, I am trained to understand adults with ADHD and their unique brain wiring. This enables me to effectively partner with you in creating custom strategies that utilize your strengths and imagination. I also work with college students who have trouble focusing, or completing their requirements, as well as those transitioning from academia into the 'real world'.

As a Career Specialty Service Provider, I can guide your through a process that will allow you to find or transition to a career that works for you!


 I am professionally certified coach and member of the International Coach Federation, as well as an accredited ADHD and Career Specialties coach.  I also hold a certificate in Creativity Coaching and work with artists of all mediums who wish to deepen their creative process and improve their marketing skills.  I began coaching in 1995 and started my professional practice in 2003.  



School/Organization Degree/certificate Concentrations Graduation Date
ADD Coach Academy
ADHD and Life Coaching


Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: 4-session cycle -- Price: 425.0


 Four sessions of weekly coaching. Sessions last 45 minutes and interim email and phone support up to 10 minutes are included in the price.


 The agenda is set by the client according to their reasons for seeking coaching at this time.  By the end of each session, the client will walk away with actions and exercises co-designed to move them quickly towards their goals.  This is achieved through coaching as an egalitarian process of partnership, as opposed to an hierarchical therapeutic system.

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