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Jakob Franzen, ACC   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Round Rock State:  TX
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 My coaching services are for executives who are ready to lead as a whole person, examine their own character and values, and make the connections to the culture they drive.  This allows them to lead with passion and integrity.  However, embracing yourself as a whole person isn't limited to the C-suite.  I welcome those who are tired of living hectic, compartmentalized lives that have a negative impact on their work performance to my practice.

Service Description

 Life Integration Coaching
  • Leadership Edition - Working with leaders who are ready to lead as a whole person, integrate the major aspects of their lives, and work with boundaries that are based on their own character and values.
  • Life Edition - Working with individuals who are ready to take more control of their lives, increase their awareness, and draw those personal boundaries that keep life from getting out of control.


Jakob Franzen is an accomplished coach and trusted advisor to individuals and executives across industries from start-ups to major enterprises.  For individuals he has helped them to create a path to better living by integrating the parts of their life into a successful whole. He has helped them to understand that a more integrated life is a foundation for better leadership. His clients have found greater clarity, greater focus, and greater success.

As an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation, Jakob is able to place intense focus on infusing a culture with coaching skills and working to ensure that culture is not only value driven, but inspires employees to create value.  



School/Organization Degree/certificate Concentrations Graduation Date
Texas A&M University
Bachelors Degree
Speech Communication
International Coach Federation
Life and Executive Coaching


Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Executive Edition -- Price: 1800.0


The Executive Edition is a 12 week program that focuses on creating an awareness of leadership style and how that style is impacted by the other important elements of life.  Clients gain clarity on what is important to them and where the boundaries should be.  


This package can be customized with the client at the outset.  The 12 weeks are divided into vision identification, obstacle identification, and coaching through the obstacles. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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