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Beth Symes   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Ballwin State:  MO
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Beth Symes is a seasoned, certified executive coach and consultant specializing in leveraging individual and team strengths to optimize performance outcomes.  Beth works with senior executives and management teams, utilizing a dynamic and demanding process of self-discovery, experiential learning, personal challenge, and goal setting to guide individuals and teams beyond the barriers that have limited their performance effectiveness.  As a result, her clients create outcomes that more accurately reflect their talent, ability and contribution.

Service Description

 Executive Coaching:  Working one on one with senior leaders preparing for their next senior level role.  Supporting executives to successful on boarding into new assignments.  Helping otherwise successful executives navigate through difficult and challenging organization or people issues.

Accelerated Leadership Development.  The outflow of the Baby Boomers into retirement is creating lots of opportunities for the next level down to step up.  Unfortunately, many of them are not yet ready to take on these new assignments.  The ALD process provides an accelerated and customized process for these high performing leaders to prepare them in the next 12 - 18 months for their next assignment.

Leadership Development.  Provide customized workshops on a variety of leadership oriented topics to mid to senior level leaders.  Topics include emotional intelligence, delegation, managing up, communication skills and others.

Group Coaching.  Working with small groups of Director and higher level leaders in a synergistic manner that draws on each participant's strengths and experience to grow the capabilities of each group member.


 Seasoned professional with 20 years of corporate experience that informs her coaching approach.  ICF certified professional at the PCC level with over 10 years experience coaching senior leaders in a wide range of roles and industries.  
Experienced using a variety of assessments, including 360 feedback, emotional intelligence, team building and others, to enhance the learning experience of my clients.  
Excellent listening and communication skills.
Provide straightforward feedback and insights to help clients raise their personal awareness about the gaps between their intent vs their impact.
Provide solid coaching methodologies that help clients come to see what they can and will do differently to create greater impact on their teams and organizations.  




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Executive Coaching -- Price: 4000.0


 One on one sessions by phone or face to face to address current challenges preventing success, or preparing for next steps.


 Introductory call to ensure a good connection between coach and coachee, at no charge.  
A two hour introductory session that involves the coachee giving background and current situational context to the coach to establish frame of reference.
Discussion about the goals the client wants to establish for the coaching engagement, ie. overcoming specific barriers, preparing for next leadership role, team challenges. etc.
Preparation of a clear development plan and process that will guide the coaching engagement.
Establish expectations by the coachee and the coach for each other.

Recommended length of time for an engagement hinges entirely on the challenges and goals of the client.  No contract required and the coaching can be ended by either party.

Most engagements begin with the 2 hour debrief, followed by 2 one hour meetings each month.  Frequency and time may be modified based on client need. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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