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Iris Arenson-Fuller, CPC, ACC, Vision Powered Coaching   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Bloomfield State:  CT
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I am a Loss, Trauma and Life Stage Changes Growth Coach. I am also a creative survivor, trained & Certified as a Life Transformation Coach, mom by birth & adoption, grandma, poet/writer, former adoption agency founder and director. 

I have decades of experience in social services, & coaching clients ready to make big changes, & to reach big dreams. My personal struggles as a young widow, loss of many loved ones & of my home & belongings in a tragic fire, have taught me a lot, as has my business background. I have been a caregiver for multiple family members, & have reinvented myself several times at various life stages. I love helping clients do that.

I help people go from Life Stinks to Life Shines. If you’ve lived through loss of any type, or any tough life stage changes, or are ready for changes, I can help you navigate the rough waters, & come out better than before, regardless of how painful & disappointing things have been. I will help you find a new normal full of hope & promise.

I am also an expert in All Things Adoption!. Ready to stop suffering? Ready to find success & more satisfaction?

Service Description


I help with Big Changes, Hard Choices and Second Chances!  Here are some of the situations I can help you with:

-Loss of loved one (through death or any other way)

-Loss of dream/finding a new dream at any stage

-Aging Well

- Relationships

-Sandwich Generation & Caregiving

-Adoption Issues (Teen and Adult Adoptees and Birthparents of all ages and stages in life)

Also Help for Fledgling & Floundering Coaches who hate marketing & 
want to find their unique voice.


 I am creative, compassionate, but very practical too, and my extensive life and professional experience with serve you as I encourage, teach and accompany you on your highly personal journey.

I have 30 years of experience working with singles, families and couples (gay and straight). I founded and directed a licensed, non-profit agency in CT for three decades. I have been trained and certified as a professional life coach (ACC-International Coach Federation), and have lived through many difficult and tragic life experiences, survived and love helping others make their lives better too. I have many tools in my helping arsenal but I believe each person is unique and am not stuck with one set model for helping. I do use writing, imagination and creativity when it is appropriate and useful.
I have always been about meaningful, satisfying, growth-producing relationships in my personal & professional life. 
Clients find me deeply caring, down-to-earth & practical, though I am also very creative.. I don’t put up with time-wasting, destructive, self-defeating behaviors, but if & when people are truly ready to let go of those, I am there for them & they know how much I care & want to help.




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Package Name: Monthly Coaching (4 Sessions) -- Price: 500.0


 four telesessions of coaching with unlimited concierge level email support between sessions. I also offer individual sessions though this is the most costly way of engaging a coach and best results are achieved over a longer period of time.


 I have to earn a living like everyone but I offer several price points/suggestions if someone is unable to pay full fees and am always open to discussing and considering an offer based on price point suggestions if someone has a genuine need. BY CoachSessions LLC © 2014 - 2016 - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED! | Sitemap

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