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City:  Ann Arbor State:  MI
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Who Iva Coaches

Women in leadership positions. This is Iva’s specific niche. Why has Iva selected this as her niche? Iva is a retired female executive who understands what women need to do to climb the proverbial corporate “ladder” as she has done this herself.

Executives who have recently been promoted and are entering into the first 90 days during which time they can do whatever they thing they should do. After that, if they did not accomplish the goals they set for themselves and the organization, life becomes much more difficult.

Executives with difficult daily challenges such as difficulties with suppliers, customers, and employees they have to address.

Managers who want to improve their performance and achieve better results.

Anybody who is looking to change his/her career

Iva also coaches:

  • School principals who are looking to improve communication with students, parents and their community.
  • People desiring to make a change in their career

Service Description


Why Hire Iva?

  • Iva Wilson is a trained coach and a successful former executive with 30 years of experience who can guide you through even the most challenging corporate environment.
  • As a former woman executive leading a large corporation, Iva understands what it takes for a woman to climb the corporate ladder.
  • Whether you are a man or a woman, Iva, as someone who was at the helm of a start-up business, can help you with your own business development.
  • Iva will engage existing opportunities to successfully assist you in achieving your objectives.
  • Iva pays special attention to those who are not able to explain to themselves why they did not get promoted, though they are doing an excellent job.

As your coach, Iva will help you overcome these challenges. She will ask you questions that would get you to the solution that best aligns with your needs.


 Iva Wilson is former president of a company with $500 million in sales in the electronic components market. An accomplished leader, Iva raised product quality and service to bring the company from last in the industry to second. She created a management team capable of working across boundaries and initiated Total Quality Management, expanding it to include principles of organizational learning. She also led a successful transformation in an acquired company, creating the conditions needed to retain employee loyalty. Her last leadership position was heading up a start-up, building it from the ground up and getting it ready to produce the product for which, before she to took over, only research developed process was available. Her work at The Coaching Collaborative is supported by her 30 years of experience as a leader of Philips Display Components a manufacturer of TV and Computer tubes, Society for Organizational Learning, a spin-off from MIT, and Gyricon, a Xerox start-up company making paper like displays. Although Gyricon does not exist anymore, the same technology is used in the Kindle display that is today manufactured in Taiwan. Iva has a doctorate in electrical engineering from University of Stuttgart and an MBA from The University of Chicago.


  Company Title City/State From To
Philips Display Components


School/Organization Degree/certificate Concentrations Graduation Date
International Coach Academy
Bachelors Degree
University of Chicago
Masters Degree
Business education
University of Stuttgart
Masters Degree
Electrical Engineering


Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Executive Coaching -- Price: 200.0


 The executive coaching package will contain weekly coaching sessions with the clinet, e-mail exchange as necessary between the weekly coaching sessions. Minimum time to be coached is 3 months


 Weekly session will be $150 for individuals, and $300 for individuals who work in a corporation that covers those costs. Once a client contacts me, I will send them and agreement to sign. Once the clientsigns the agreement, I will send a second package containing various questions sabot the plans the clinet has

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