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Wayne KEssler   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Westwood State:  MA
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 Kessler Coaching is a premier business, career and life coaching service for people who seek more direction, fulfillment, happiness and prosperity in their life. 

Service Description

  • Shy and Introverted Coaching
  • Marketing Coaching
  • Peak Performance Coaching
  • ADD/ADHD Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Job Coaching
  • Career Coaching
  • Executive/Business Coaching
  • Coaching for Celebrities 
  • Technology Coaching
  • Happiness Coaching
  • Online Coach Services


Over the course of my 30 year career I have sought out training and work experience as a coach, counselor, mediator, and have served in management positions in both for-profit and non-profit companies. I am a certified ADHD coach specializing in helping people with Executive functioning challenges.
My style is collaborative, and I identify and build on the clients strengths. Rather than focusing on the past- we are vey present and future oriented, identifying barriers to success, and will develop specific goals and strategies to realize more achievable goals.



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