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Penny C Bender   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Shunk State:  PA
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 Integrative Nutrition, Health and Wellness, providing one on one or group educational service to help one achieve balance and nutrition wellness through phone conferencing, office or internet services one on one consulting or group sessions are all confidential.
To help you achieve healthy living and healthy weight with my expert knowledge of food, fitness and nutritional recommendations and guidance through one of my programs.
To increase energy and overall health through modification of diet and fitness with bio-individuality services, not every body is the same, so why treat it as if they are.

Service Description

 I offer one on one  bio-individuality Integrative Nutrition Health and Wellness Counseling services for groups or individuals.
Let me show you how to live a Nutritional Healthy, Happy and Fit for Life, with simple small steps with one of my select programs.
For further information on my programs, please call me to schedule and health history consultation.


Nutrition Educator
Food Modification for specialty diets
Food Safety Specialist
Food Service Director
Health and Wellness Coach




Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: Detox/Cleanse program -- Price: 200.0


 15 day total body detox/cleanse program
Gentle Cleanse which consist of a 15 day 3 step cleanse/detox program with supportive herbals blends in a encapsulated form.
Continuous email support with healthy recipes and drinks that support the cleanse/detox
Dos and Do not for the cleanse, food you can eat, foods to avoid for a total gentle cleanse.
Cheering you on all the way.
The Pre-diet Cleanse/Detox program



 15 day 3 step  Morning, Afternoon, Evening gentle Cleanse/Detox kit.
Clean you body of environmental toxins, metals. pesticides and GMO's for an optimal running body.
Give your body a clean out before the start of any diet program.
If your not loosing or keeping the weight off, it could be your body is clogged up with toxins, unclog your body first the natural and gentle way with my 15 day program.

Assessment & Ask Questions

Package Name: 6 month Total Transformation -- Price: 200.0


 6 months to a new health fit fantastic new you.
This program is a program where I talk directly with you, via phone or Skype or message, or face to face depending on where you live, two times per month, with session recommendations, educational information, guidance on your personal questions or topics, 45-50 minute sessions each, unlimited email support with links to support your program for a total of six months .
Unlimited free email support to keep you on tract between session, web links for you to visit, recipes and other free sites and mailings individualized specifically for you and your nutrition, health and wellness program.



 6 month  total transformation package details.
Payment of $100.00 per session two times per month or $200.00 per month  for a 6 month period.
Payment must be made before the start of the first session and each session to follow.

Total 6 month package $1200.00 
Pay in full and receive a 10% discount of $1080.00

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