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Sherrie Borden   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Boalsburg State:  PA
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Executive management and career/life transformation coach who partners with clients to discover and achieve their true potential by identifying what is fueling negativity and stagnation, and then creating the positive energy to move forward and achieve their goals. Coach clients to help them re-focus their assumptions, beliefs, and perceptions so that their individual success, and the success of those around them, is promoted. Partner with clients to shift from focusing on problems and fighting fires to proactively creating solutions.


Certified Association Executive with significant experience in health care nonprofits in the areas of strategic planning and organizational development, public affairs/coalition building, integrated communications, fund development, publications, professional/program development, and health policy with additional experience in clinical medicine (Physician Assistant).

Service Description

 Executive/Leadership Coaching

Staff Training and Development

Career and Transition Coaching

COR.E Performance Dynamics (Sports Performance Coaching--college level and up, all athletic levels)

Energy Leadership Index Assessment

SCOPE Assessment

360 Reviews and Assessments





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