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Dr. Steve Stutz, CTACC   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  LaPorte State:  TX
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I don’t have to convince you that most people spend their lives chasing someone else’s dreams, then wind up being disappointed that they never achieved them–or even more disappointed that they actually did!

I can help you get back in touch with your own dreams and discover what you really want to do with the rest of your life–and how you can enjoy the journey along the way.

Most of us have never made a serious study of our own selves, but if you’re going to step up and change the trajectory of your life, one of the most useful things you can do is to begin tapping into your own inner senses on a regular basis.

My clients learn how to stop listening to everyone else and begin to tune into the still, small voice within. They learn how to unleash their own inner potential and put it to use in creating the life they truly want. My clients explore their inner space, get to know themselves in truly profound ways they had shut down in the past, become confident in trusting their intuition, inspiring themselves, and loving themselves.

My goal is to convince you that having a fulfilling, productive, and passion-filled life is really is within your reach!  

If you have read this far, you are probably ready for a future that is more meaningful and authentic. My clients are living proof that you can do it too! 

In addition to what I’ve said above, my clients learn:

-- How to Connect with their deepest, most authentic selves and respond to that inner wisdom
-- How to Achieve renewed physical, spiritual, and mental energy and vitality in daily life
-- How to Alleviate stress and overcome depression
-- How to Find meaning, passion, and purpose in life
-- How to Change thoughts, actions, and feelings when and how they want to
-- How to Drop negative habits and create new positive actions
-- How to Be confident, tenacious, and motivated when it really counts, as well as sensitive and receptive to loved ones and to life’s gifts 
-- How to Create ample quality time for what’s important

Service Description

The future is created by the choices you make today. Traditional success models are all about doing, I’m here to help you simply “be” who you were truly born to be. My clients learn how to use their heads, listen to their hearts, and follow their bliss. You can learn to let go and stop doing all the things you think you should be doing and start doing what you really want to be doing. 

I’ve taught my clients how to:
  • Be in charge of their own motivation and make disciplined choices
  • Create a compelling future and a road map for getting there
  • Clear up past negative experiences that are holding them back
  • Enhance their self-esteem and appreciation of life’s gifts
  • Create a solid, positive mental attitude
  • Gain greater access to peak states of performance


After the first Gulf War, I left active duty as an officer in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to attend seminary, pursue ordination, and return to active duty in the Chaplain branch to finish out my career. Unfortunately, this was before 9/11 and the military was still undergoing a severe downsizing and they essentially told me to stay home! I ended up in parish ministry in a small west Texas community (Big Spring) and after a few years accepted a call to a suburban congregation in the Houston, Texas area. After a total of 13 years in parish work, I launched my coaching and consulting business while earning my doctorate.

My coach training comes from both the Life Coach Institute of Orange County and the Coach Training Alliance. I am an experienced retreat leader and workshop presenter, having worked with groups in the US, Belize, Canada, and Africa. I am a Six Sigma Green Belt and a certified Change Management Specialist. I am trained in Neuolinguistic Programming, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or “tapping”), and the Enneagram. I am a ProTrack Graduate of the National Speakers Association Houston Chapter, am a Marriage and Family Life Counselor and Board Certified Licensed Pastoral Counselor through the Therapon Institute. I am a member of the Association for Integrative Psychology, am Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International, member of Houston Coaches, Inc. (local chapter of the International Coach Federation), former member of Business Networking International (BNI), Strategic Alliance Chapter, Webster, TX. I am a Docent on the Battleship Texas, Deer Park, TX and volunteer in my wife’s 1st Grade Classroom, College Park Elementary, LaPorte, TX.



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