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TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc.   
Coaching Type:  + In Person + Online
City:  Fort Washington State:  PA
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TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. offers a unique blend of coaching and consulting that empowers professional service providers to achieve their goals.

You know how hard it is to focus on what it takes to generate new business or follow up on all those leads that you should.  Where is the catalyst to make the changes necessary in order for you to achieve your goals?

Look no further.  We’re here to help.

Consulting focuses on a desired outcome; coaching focuses on the process. When you receive these services in tandem, you maintain a clear focus on both the larger picture (the desired end result) and can concentrate on specific tasks (including motivators and barriers) that will keep you moving forward so you can meet your objectives.

Service Description


TIERNEY Coaches recognize the strong connection between mind, body and spirit and it is our privilege to work with you.

I founded TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. after years of working with professional services providers, while being employed as a marketing director at a regional, then national firm.  I realized that the obstacles that kept them from achieving success could be overcome through EMPOWERMENT – specifically, by marketing themselves in a completely unique and genuine way that made them feel comfortable. I realized that encouraging them to be themselves and surrounding them with their ideal  target audience would naturally result in their participation of activities that they enjoyed.  In this way, professionals became empowered and opened up to their greatest success.  Along the way, they found fulfillment in their careers as never before! I suspected that offering a unique approach to working with these professionals – side by side – in order to co-create their personal marketing plans and then coach them through the implementation of their plans would be successful… but I could have in no way predicted the extent to which the process has propelled so many professionals into a whole new world of discovery, contentment – and lots of new business generated from their ideal clients.  I am honored to be able to share this process, which I have cultivated over the years, with you.

Our coaches’ proven track record is a result of successful partnerships with professionals who want to achieve success by harnessing their strengths and focusing their efforts.  We offer a broad base of experience that includes:

  • empowerment of professionals so they can achieve results
  • bottom-line accountability and follow-through
  • pertinent thought leadership
  • emphasis on business development
  • market segmentation and client analysis
  • determining effective strategy & market positioning
  • developing individual marketing plans
  • initiating company-wide incentive programs
  • addressing organizational sensitivity
  • coaching retiring partners toward a graceful exit
  • developing leadership skills among up and coming professionals




Coaching is the key to making a permanent shift toward improvement or change.  It may also empower others in your workplace to embrace these necessary changes.

TIERNEY Coaching & Consulting, Inc. offers a team of high caliber coaches who are well-experienced in working with CPAs and attorneys.  Our program is an integration of skills, states of excellence, and step-by-step cognitive strategies that lead to both measurable and reproducible results.

Dreaming-business man11148098-relaxed-and-dreaming-business-man-sits-on-office-chairBUSINESS DEVELOPMENT Coaching addresses motivation around effective implementation of marketing strategies.  Sustained focus on four key components (clients, prospects, referral sources, and organizations) around demonstrating your value to a target audience takes less time/effort and delivers more impact.

SUCCESSION / TRANSITION Coaching ensures a graceful exit for retiring partners by shifting the focus from moving away from something to moving toward something else.  Diminishing fears around loss and uncertainty enables those who are transitioning to discover how and why letting go can foster the empowerment of others and define a legacy.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT Coaching ensures that those who want to emerge can do so in a way that will harness their natural abilities as a leader while they learn – and then integrate – specific attributes that will assist them to influence others in a positive way.  Leadership develops around each unique individual in an innovative way.



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